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The diameter of the bowl size is not the ultimate size.  Sizes are based on bowl diameter.  Footprint is actually larger.  Add an average of 5" more for ultimate footprint.

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Chico -24"


The Chico is our smallest firepit, designed with portability in mind, the Chico can be easily loaded in to the truck or station wagon and brought along for a weekend trip to the beach or the mountains.

The Chico comes with legs and outside ring. You can also add the 24" round grill for getting dinner on. This grill is a fixed single level.

Round Grill +$180.00
Solid Cover +$200.00
Roasting Fork +$24.00
No Grill or Accessories
Spark Screen +$260.00

Compañero - 30"


Its little and big at the same time. How? The Compañero has a small footprint while it can still provide space for quite a few logs. Ideal for a small back patio or side yard, this is a nice size for intimate fireside chats.

Add in the 19" grill and you can deftly handle dinner plans as well.

Adjustable Grill +$225.00
Spark Screen +$275.00
Solid Cover +$245.00
Roasting Fork +$24.00
No Grill or Accessories



Ok, you want to have a group of 5 friends join you for a cookout? The Familia is your best choice to accommodate medium sized groups. This size will contain enough firewood to warm 6 people and give them a place to rest their feet too.

You can choose our 19" hex grill or go big with our 24" round grill, either way you get plenty of space to create memorable grilled foods. Check out what Stewart Dietz of Stewart Dietz Catering has to say in our testimonials.

Adjustable Hex Grill +$235.00
Adjustable Round Grill +$260.00
Spark Screen +$280.00
Solid Cover +$260.00
Roasting Fork +$24.00
No Grill or Accessories

Doña- 42"


Now you're getting into some real estate with the Doña. Seriously, this firepit makes a really nice backyard space and will draw in many partygoers with its wide heating area. Big fires will be built in this firepit, make no mistake! The 24" grill is a must. Throw the spuds on toward the end, the fire will burn down slowly so take advantage.

Round Artisan Grill +$350.00
Spark Screen +$310.00
Solid Cover +$295.00
Roasting Fork +$24.00
No Grill or Accessories

Jefe- 48"


Sometimes big is just different for some people. Yes, there are some of us who just feel more at home with the most massive, semi-nuclear, megaflame device. 

When you start up a 48" firepit you are guaranteed a lively time with friends, many many friends. This is a beautiful firepit that creates its own warm and fuzzy atomosphere. The round 24" artisan grill is sufficient - we think…… maybe that needs to be supersized as well.  Take charge with the Jefe!

Round Artisan Grill +$350.00
Sparks Screen +$350.00
Solid Cover +$325.00
Roasting Fork +$24.00
No Grill or Accessories

Spike Camp- 14"


This may be one of our best sellers! How nice to just grab the most simple, freewheeling grill for little side trips here and there.

Kept in a canvas bag, the Spike Camp can be kept in your vehicle so on a whim you can get a little fire going and get cooking on the simple 14" round grill. This grill employs the same adjustability as our 19" and 24" grills. Comes with the main stake, driver cap, and grill you supply the hammer or rock to set the stake sturdily in the ground.