About Us

What is it that sets us apart from other firepit builders?


Take a close look and you will see many details we have incorporated to create the longest lasting and most durable firepit on the market. The fire bowl itself is always at least 1/8" in thickness and made from high strength steel plate. Some fire bowls in the larger pits are 3/16" or more! This results in very good longevity withstanding many, many fires. The outer rings are made from very strong round tubing not easily dented or damaged. The legs are made from schedule 40 pipe ‐ overkill‐ just the way we like it!

Our cooking grills will not disappoint. 

We use the same tubing from the outer ring to build the grill frame, then we weld 11 gauge perforated sheet steel to it. The result being a high capacity grill with low tendency to warp. The care taken in the fabrication of all parts of our firepits really shows. You will be pleased to find beefy, smooth welds that leave no doubt...  This firepit is going to be around for a long time. In the event that there is a defect due to workmanship, we fully guarantee all of our products for LIFE.


Look at these fine firepits and you notice the pleasing shape they make. The use of curves, domes and rings really gives a feeling of connectedness. The function of the cooking grills is simple, reliable and safe. The bowl's outer ring provides a safety zone around the hottest parts while offering up a very comfortable place to set your feet.
Our screen and solid caps help contain and snuff the fire when desired. With the solid cap, rain stays out of the bowl making set up and lighting easier.

Our firepits breathe! No need for lots of holes everywhere, be it charcoal or wood‐ fires take off and burn well inside these bowls. The cooking grills can be adjusted to the state of the fire so you always have the right heat for the food.

We believe in our domestic workforce!

Made in the USA by craftspeople and skilled metalworkers who are dedicated to quality and longevity. In fact the importance of manufacturing here in the USA cannot be underestimated. Through intensive and widespread manufacturing, generations before made our country strong and vital to the world, providing better than living wages for millions of people while producing some of the highest quality goods available. Today we see too many companies bend to the trend of being an American company with almost no American workforce. This trend will make us needy importers who will eventually feel the pinch of world market fluctuations ruling our economy in ways we are unaccustomed to. But worse, we will lose generations of young people learning the skills and taking in the knowledge of the seasoned professionals that remain. It feels good to support our country's manufacturing base and we thank you for your conscious decision to join us!

Of course our entire product line is RECYCLABLE.

In fact, most of the material used to construct these firepits and accessories has already been recycled from steel scrap.